Our Future Plan

Arab Future Plan

Our Future business plan:

Depending on our mission and vision :-

ARAB aims by offering shares in the Nile Stock Exchange to be a leading manufacturer and the leading index of the Nile Stock, where ARAB has the largest capital restricted in the Nile Stock Exchange .
ARAB aims to :-

1- attract large funds for investment in the company, which help to develop the company upon their expertises.
2- increase the capital from 26.5 million pounds to 100 million pounds through the three coming years (2014-2017), giving the company adequate funding for the implementation of projects and future plans of the company.
3- increase the base of new shareholders, whether individuals or groups, which helps to develop the company upon their expertises .
4- show the actual assessment of the company’s assets and quotas for investors.
5- take advantage of the recent amendments to the state , which allows the company’s involvement in the work of the basic infrastructure of the country where real estate investing .